“Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock” på Spotify

Ytterligare låtar har lagts till på Spotifylistan “Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock”.

Icon, John Wetton – “I Would Die For You”
Jack Russell – “Whatever It Takes”
Jack Russell – “For You”
Jack Russell – “No Time Left”
Kip Winger – “Nothing”
Daylight Robbery – “Samarah Never Sleeps”
Daylight Robbery – “I´ll Be Seeing You Again”
Daylight Robbery – “Redlights”
I Am I – “See You Again”
I Am I – “Stay A While”
I Am I – “King In Ruins”
Blueminded – “All In One”
Blueminded – “Call On Me”
Chalice – “All About Your Love”
Chalice – “Glorious Again”
Neal Schon – “Serenity”
Rik Priem´s Prime – “The Future Is Now”
Rik Priem´s Prime – “Hungry At Heart”
Seven Hard Years – “Every Moment”
Seven Hard Years – “No Going Back”
Seven Hard Years – “No Place In Heaven”

Hela spellistan finns att hitta via länken här nedan.


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