Circus Of Rock skriver på för bolaget Frontiers Records

Det nya projektbandet Circus Of Rock har skrivit på för bolaget Frontiers inför släppet av deras debutalbum. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Circus Of Rock to the label. Circus of Rock is a new band, or rather a massive musical project, started and fronted by drummer Mirka Rantanen, who has a long career in the Finnish hard rock scene. He has played on 30+ albums during his 30 year career, including releases by King Company, Thunderstone, Raskasta Joulua, Kotipelto, Warmen, Northern Kings, Revolution Renaissance, and more. In addition, ten years ago he created the very popular heavy rock band for kids called ‘Hevisaurus’, for which he was awarded the Emma Award in 2011 (the Finnish equivalent of a Grammy).

A few years ago I started to think about recording a solo album; however, I didn’t want to do just a traditional solo album. That’s because people often think a solo album is mainly to allow the musicians to show off their fantastic skills and magnificent instruments, but I wanted to focus more on the great songs that don’t happen to have extra drum solos. I also wanted to include many fantastic colleagues with whom I have played over the years on this album, and in addition a couple of great guest singers. My intention is to get the album released in 2021, when I turn 50. And now this will happen thanks to the Frontiers label. The album will be a kind of milestone in my professional career, my long-term ‘dream what is finally coming true’ type of thing,” says Rantanen.

Confirmed singers and musicians appearing on the album include:
– Jarkko Ahola
– Rick Altzi (Masterplan)
– Johnny Gioeli (Hardline)
– Marco Hietala (Nightwish)
– Antti Railio
– David Readman (Pink Cream 69)
– Elize Ryd (Amaranthe)

…and musicians from bands such as Stratovarius, Brother Firetribe, Masterplan and lots more. More info to follow later.

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