Video: The Darren Phillips Project – “Best Man For You”

The Darren Phillips Project kommer under nästa år att släppa sitt andra album och här har man nu möjlighet att spana in en musikvideo till nya singeln “Best Man For You”.


The Darren Phillips Project new single ‘Best Man For You’ is off the upcoming album Darren Phillips Project Volume Two. Featuring Rob Wylde (Midnite City) on lead vocals, Dennis Butabi Borg (Crush) on bass guitar, Patrik Svard (Sapphire Eyes) on lead guitar and Jon Power (Frozen Tears) on Keys. ‘Best Man For You’ is an unreleased song from KISS front man Paul Stanley.

Recorded back in 1989 for a proposed second solo album, the demo was never officially released, but has become a cult favourite amongst the Starchild’s fans worldwide.

All involved were thrilled to bring this classic Stanley track to life and hope the man himself approves of their version. Volume Two of the Darren Phillips Project will be released in the first quarter of 2021.

Volume One is still currently available for purchase via Darren Phillips Project…

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