Intervju med skivaktuella Rob Moratti

Jag har haft äran att få ställa några frågor till en mycket trevlig person, stor idol och en världsartist!
Vi har den stora äran att inför fredagens skivsläpp presentera ingen mindre än Rob Moratti!

Hi Rob!
Hi Joakim!

It feels fantastic fun to get some of your time for a few questions!

It’s truly my pleasure and thank you for having me.

Hope all is well with you?

All considered, everything is well here. Spending alot of time in the studio that’s for sure, lol!

You are up to date with a new album. After listening through it, I have to say that it is your absolute best so far. What do you think it depends on?

Thank you so much! Wow, I’m glad you like it. Yes I feel very confident with Paragon as well. It’s packed with one great song after another and I couldn’t be happier about the production either.  There’s been a powerful chemistry with some of my new co writers and performances involved that’s made it a very special CD.

Most of the musicians who play on the record are well known to most of us. Have you played together for a long time?

The musicians involved are all world class players. Torben and I have been working together now for a few years, he plays all rhythm and most lead guitars. Stu Reid on drums has been with me since Moratti / Final Frontier days. Tony Franklin on the bass has played on all four of solo records.  Ian Crichton of “Saga” plays lead guitar on one track on this album, he’s appeared on two of my records now. Then there’s Joel Hoekstra of “Whitesnake/TSO/Night Ranger/Cher” plays lead guitars on five of the tracks, which adds this harmonic energy to this album. The chemistry with everyone involved is undenialble.

You have written most of the new songs with Swedish guys. How did you get in touch?

The swedish guys! Yes, absolutely.  Ulrick Lönnqvist and Pete Alpenborg mainly. We’ve written the majority of it.  How we got in touch…..Ulrick reached out to me in regards to possibly writing songs together. So I thought, ok lets try one song just to see how this goes and OH MY! What have we here? The rest is history. 

Will you continue your cooperation?

Absolutely! We’re currently working on the next one for next year sometime. 

How do you feel that the world situation with pandemic affects you and your situation as an artist?

It doesn’t affect me personally so much because I’ve never depended on touring to make a living especially now but for any live performances it’s obviously taken a plunge. I feel terrible for some of my friends and for all musicians that tour extensively and depend on it for a living. It’s a crazy time that for sure. Things will get better.

How can we ordinary AOR listeners help and support our idols?

AOR listeners can help by purchasing CD’s. This is the only way for the Artist to continue working and producing great music. We need the support of the fans.

You started your career as an artist in the 90’s in the band Moratti, right? How have you developed as a musician from then to now?

Moratti was the beginning of my place in my music career. I was young with alot of passion.  I was learning and as I moved forward so much I perservered with every generation to finally have my place in melodic rock today as a vocalist, writer and producer. I’m grateful for it all.

Who or what idols have inspired you to be the artist you are today?

I grew up listening to Styx, Journey, Boston,Foreigner, Queen, Starship, Iron Maiden, Dio, Deep Purple, Rainbow…..They were all over the radio waves! What a time to be a kid!  I was inspied by Brad Delp, Steve Perry, Mickey Thomas, Dennis DeYoung, Lou Gramn, Tommy Shaw, Jimi Jamison, Bruce Dickinson, etc…just to name a few. 

If you could choose anyone to sing a duet with, who would it be and why?

If I had to choose one it would probably be Celine Dion. She’s one the great Divas with an incredible range. Always loved her voice and how she delivers. I remember listening to her in sing in French when she was just a kid and I said to myself “If this girl sang in English she would be a star”. I should have played a lottery ticket that week, lol!

Ha, ha, ha! Yes, indeed! What is your greatest musical experience so far in your career?

My biggest highlights easily is when I joined Saga.  One of Canada’s best bands ever and I was a part of that in such a big way. They new I could write and produce which gave me the freedom to make my mark with Saga. I wrote and Produced together with the band and we released “The Human Condition”. Such a great album.  The chemistry was amazing. 

Wow! And now a little weird question, but when can we expect your next record release?

Not weird question at all, lol! I’m actually writing as we speak, so I’m aiming for next year sometime in 2021. 

Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thank you for all your support! I promise you that Paragon will Rock you form start to finish.

Many thanks, Rob! You are an incredibly nice person and an amazing musician! Good luck with your new album!

Thank you so much Joakim!  All the very best to you too!

Joakim Strångert

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