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Video: Rob Moratti – ”Remember”

Sångaren Rob Moratti (Saga, Final Frontier) har släppt en musikvideo till låten ”Remember” från hans senaste platta ”Paragon”.

Treat påbörjar inspelningarna av nytt album

Treat meddelar att man nu har startat inspelningarna av ett nytt studioalbum. Så här går att läsa på bandets facebook-sida:

Studio update #1! Basic recordings are in full swing with producer Peter Mansson at Atlantis metronome studio in Stockholm. Jamie had a mighty busy day nailing his parts with grandeur( as always) and Patrick will soon join us soon as we continue this endavour towards a new album!
Stay tuned for more pics and goodies as we go along❤️/Treat

Steve Augeri släpper snart sitt första soloalbum

Sångaren Steve Augeri (Journey, Tall Stories, Tyketto) meddelar att han just nu håller på att mixa sitt första soloalbum. Så här går att läsa på hans facebook-sida:

Hey gang,
I’m happy and thankful to say that the writing and recording process has been moving along better than expected on my first official full solo offering. Half the album’s gone on to the mixing stage. It’s akin to sending your kids off to college. An absolute degree of separation anxiety going on there but I know I’m in the best of hands, that is the hands of Steve Mandile . I’m very thankful to have collaborated with a couple of Steve Augeri Band alumni Adam Holland and Craig Pullman on a handful of songs, one or two with Neal and Jon individually from back in the day and remainder, a few ambitious and left of center than one might expect from yours truly. I’lll leave it at that.

Wishing you all a great safe and healthy day and I’ll be back with any and all updates when I have something to share.

All my very best,
Steve Augeri

Art Of Illusion presenterar omslag + låtlista för sitt kommande debutalbum

Här kan man se omslag och låtlista för AOR-projektet Art Of Illusion´s debutalbum ”X Marks The Spot”, som släpps den 21:e januari 2021 via bolaget AOR Heaven.

1. Wild And Free
2. Run
3. My Loveless Lullaby
4. Waltz For The Movies
5. 4 AM
6. Go
7. Snakebite Charm
8. Let The Games Begin
9. A Culinary Detour
10. Catch You If I Can
11. Rampant Wildfire
12. Race Against Time

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