Gathering Of Kings släpper “ny” singel i december

Tisdagen den 1:e december släpper AOR bandet Gathering Of Kings nya singeln “December” (Christmas) och så här går att läsa på deras facebook-sida:

“December (Christmas)” is a new version of “December” which was included on “Discovery”. The single will be available as a 7″ white vinyl, limited to just 500 copies!

The song is written by Victor Olsson and the new lyrics are written by Victor and Alexander Frisborg.

Jonny Lindkvist (Lead Vocals), Victor Olsson (Guitar. Bass, Keyboards and Backing Vocals) and Efraim Larsson (Drums).

Guest appearance: Theresia Svensson (Backing Vocals)

Producer, Mixing and Mastering: Thomas “Plec” Johansson
Executive Producers: Ron Dahlgren, Nina Dahlgren and Victor Olsson

Artwork and logo: Markus Vesper

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