Dan Reed släpper nytt soloalbum i december

Fredagen den 4:e december släpper sångaren/låtskrivaren Dan Reed sitt nya soloalbum “Liftoff’. Så här går att läsa på hans facebook-sida

In these challenging times I am happy to try to bring some musical solace to these days with the release of my New Solo Album entitled ‘Liftoff’ shipping on December 4th! Pre-Orders begins this Friday and will be releasing 4 Lyric Videos I’ve created over the next month. I am honored to have three co-writes on this eleven track album with Richard Hilton, master keyboardist from ‘Chic‘ whom we worked with on SLAM all those years ago, bassist and brother Bengt Jonasson, guitarist James Bird from ‘Mason Hill’, and had the pleasure of UK ultra vocalists Emily Lynn and Lara Smiles perform some amazing vocals on a couple tracks! The album is mastered by the talented Ian Kelosky, and artwork designed by the always amazing Graeme Graeme Purdy Bell who adapted a photo from our good friend Anders Gustafsson!

Composing ‘Liftoff’ has been good therapy for myself while struggling to stay positive during so much darkness and division gripping this world. I hope this collection of songs will be of some joy or respite for those of you interested in diving in to it. I‘ve always been a lover of ‘albums’ and have given much heart in trying to create an hour long musical experience musically and thematically this time around. I even delved back in to playing some lead guitar on a few tracks after being inspired while supporting Jeff Beck last year in the US, an artist who was a tremendous inspiration for me back in high school.

So please stay tuned for the Townsend Records Pre-Order Link, and the title track lyric video coming this Friday evening, and wishing everyone a most insightful and inspired rest of the week! Stay safe out there

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