Roulette släpper snart nya singeln/videon ”Life Will Go On”

Det svenska AOR bandet Roulette är på gång att släppa sin nya singel ”Life Will Go On” med en tillhörande musikvideo. Så här går att läsa på bandets facebook-sida:

2021 has not started quite as we planned and it depends mainly on two things:Covid-19 disease and the tragic death of a former member of Roulette. We had planned to shoot our new video in the beginning of January and it should be released 2 weeks ago together with our new single ”Life Will Go On”. But when two members of the band got Covid-19 around New Years Eve and our original bandmember Tomas sadly passed away, we had to postpone our plans…The lyrics of our new single is about the fact that life sometimes can be really hard, but if you just try and take it day by day, ”Life will go on”. So after we got back from everything, we have now finally shot the last scenes for the musicvideo and now we are just waiting for the filmteam to get it cut so we can release it, hopefully in the near future. (see pictures)We really hope you are longing as much as we do for live music, because we have planned to play some European gigs this autumn which we really hope can be carried out.Keep your eyes open for more information on the release of our new single ”Life Will Go On” here on our Facebook website.Be safe out there and let’s hope the world gets better soon!


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