Santa Ana Winds aktuella med nytt album

AOR bandet Santa Ana Winds är just nu aktuella med albumet ”Steel Breeze” som släpps via bolaget AOR Blvd Records.

It’s been an incredibly difficult follow-up, but it’s now completed.  New guest musicians and a different producer bringing a new concept to AOR CD in comparison to 2016 S/T.

Production duties and array of instruments handled by Dave Draper.  His music CV includes Ginger Wildheart solo work, as well as the current live and new studio Wildheart’s albums, all in all covering a diverse career that spans twenty years.

Guest singers include:

J.D. Kelly (from The Fire) – 7 tracks

Steevi Jaimz (ex Tigertailz) – 2 tracks

Vicky Jackson – 1 track

  1. You me in the night
  2. Every time I see you
  3. New York (hold her tight)
  4. Under the spell
  5. The Thunder
  6. You don’t know
  7. Somebody to love
  8. Running in the night
  9. We knew this love
  10. Long last look



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