First Signal klara med sitt nya album

AOR-projektet First Signal med Daniel Flores och Harry Hess i spetsen är nu klara med sitt fjärde album. Så här går att läsa i ett meddelade:

Hi folks!
It’s that time again!
Harry Hess and I have finished the fourth First Signal Band album!!!
Im extremely proud of this record, and it’s just crazy what HARRY delivered on this record, such a treat for his fans, I know because I am one!of course this could not have been done without the help of amazing musicians.
Michael Palace on guitars, Jonny Trobro on Bass and Introducing the amazing Andi Kravljaca on guitars (Yes the singer) who plays on half of the songs along with Palace .Again, all songs were written by the great Alessandro (No sleep) del Vecchio! truly outstanding delivery by Ale!Also, I would love to give a huge thanks to the backing vocalist on the record: Darren James Smith, Steve Newman, Pete Newdeck and Alessandro who contributed amazingly to this record, mixing in perfectly with Harry’s amazing backing vocal arrangements.Still pinching my own arm just to see if I wake up from this AWESOME dream! I’m actually working with one of my childhood heroes and he is still as good as he was when I discovered Harem Scarem band (while I was waiting to see DREAM THEATER, for the first time, perform IMAGES and WORDS live in Stockholm). Good times!The cover will once again be done by Nello Dell’Omo as well as the booklet, for you hard core music lovers!For further info on release date and other details, check Frontiers Music srl facebook page or just go to

Thanks again to Serafino Perugino and Mario de Riso for making this all possible! You guys ROCK!”


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