”The Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock” på Spotify

Ytterligare låtar har lagts till på Spotifylistan ”The Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock”.

Michael Flexig, Zeno Roth – ”Love In Your Eyes”
Michael Flexig, Zeno Roth – ”In Love With An Angel”
Catalano – ”Lost In Love”
Mennen – ”Movin On”
Mennen – ”Remember The Days”
Rob Frazier – ”It´s The Heart That Matters”
Rob Frazier – ”Army Of Love”
Rob Frazier – ”Where Love Begins”
Karess – ”Call On Me”
Karess – ”True Love”
Robin Red – ”Don´t Leave Me (With A Broken Heart)”
Robin Red – ”Midnight Rain”
Watersky – ”Overjoyed (Brand New Start)
Patty Weaver – ”Shot In The Dark”
Patty Weaver – ”Line Of Fire”
Patty Weaver – ”It´s Your Move”
Larry Tagg – ”With My Eyes Closed”
Larry Tagg – ”It´s Like I Never Learned A Thing”
Larry Tagg – ”This Is How You Make A Fire”


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