Epic släpper debutalbum via bolaget Escape Music

Fredagen den 18:e februari släpper det nya bandet Epic med bland andra  Chris Child (Thunder / Lonerider / Tyketto) debutalbumet ”Starlight” via bolaget Escape Music. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

EPIC is a labor of love by the band’s three core members that have come together for over a decade of Rock’ n Roll.  The band is known for their contemporary heavy Melodic Rock genre, their lead singer’s powerhouse vocals, their blazing edgy guitar riffs and their hard-hitting drum grooves which define their Rock sound.

After years of international experience, songwriting, touring and sharing the stage with some of the biggest international acts, lead vocalist Tanya Rizkala, guitarist Mario Agostine, and drummer Souheil ”Sous” Moukaddem were recently joined by renowned soulful bass player Chris Childs (Thunder,Tyketto). Together, they pour their passion for music into EPIC’s latest album ”Starlight”, on the heels of their successful ”Like a Phoenix” album, both releases under the leading international Rock label ”Escape Music”

The band is:
Tanya Rizkala – Vocals
Mario Agostine – Guitars / Keyboard
Chris Childs – Bass Guitar 
Souheil ”Sous” Moukaddem – Drums

Produced by: Mario Agostine 
Co-Produced Khalil Turk
Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Folkare 

Track List:
1 I Want 3:58
2 Carry On 3:41
3 Can’t Get Over You 3:57
4 Grooving’ For You 3:43
5 Crazy 3:51
6 My Way Or The High Way 4:17
7 Stars 4:00
8 Face The Storm 4:04
9 Hold On 3:22
10 Invincible 3:57
11 Starlight 4:09
12 Mais Lui 4:32


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