”The Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock” på Spotify

Ytterligare låtar har nu lagts till på Spotifylistan ”The Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock”.

The Graces – ”Perfect View”
The Graces – ”Out In The Fields”
Tonio K – ”Stay”
Gary Wright – ”You Don´t Own Me”
Gary Wright – ”I Can Feel You Cryin´”
Gary Wright – ”Heartbeat”
Joe Satriani – ”Ride”
Wilson Brothers – ”Feeling Like We´re Strangers Again”
Wilson Brothers – ”Why´d You Have To Be so Beautiful”
Geir Rönning/Karoliina Kallio – ”Champions Of The Day”
Geir Rönning – ”Ready For The Ride”
Geir Rönning – ”You Found Love”
Boudreaux – ”Take The Money And Run”
Boudreaux – ”Why Did Our Love Go Away”
Keen Hue – ”Juicy Fruit Lucy”
Keen Hue – ”Tell No Tales”
Keen Hue – ”Into The Night”
Bobby Barth – ”Once In A Lifetime”
Bobby Barth – ”Dangerous Games”
Bobby Barth – ”Knifes Edge”
Jamie Allen – ”Back In The Day”
Jamie Allen – ”Ghost Of My Hometown”
Dave Bickler – ”Magic”
Dave Bickler – ”Lights”
Dave Bickler – ”The Sky Is Falling”
Jeff Brown – ”Once In Every Lifetime”
Jeff Brown – ”Stay With Me”
Kjetil By/Robin Beck – ”New York Rain”
Kjetil By/Robin Beck – ”White Nights”
Kjetil By/Robin Beck – ”Better Days”
The Todd Hobin Band – ”Lost Without Your Love”
The Todd Hobin Band – ”Jealousy”
Greg Stryker Band – ”Edge Of The Night”
Greg Stryker Band – ”Streets On Fire”
Greg Stryker Band – ”Missing You”
Sweet Crystal – ”In God We Trust”
Sweet Crystal – ”Come As We Are”
Dave Friday Band – ”Love Is Overrated”


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