Ytterligare information gällande Altzi´s kommande debutalbum

Den 25:e mars släpper sångaren Rick Altzi (Masterplan, Gathering Of Kings) soloalbumet ”All Eyes On Me” via bolaget RA Music och så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande gällande den kommande skivan:

RICK ALTZI is an artist from Helsingborg, Sweden who started to play bass at the age of 14. He was a
member in various tribute and original bands until 2004 and switched over to the microphone in 2005.
His first album as vocalist saw the light of day in the year 2007 with the band AT VANCE. Since then,
he has worked with a lot of outstanding musicians from bands such as Helloween, Accept, King
Diamond, Pain Of Salvation, etc..In 2020, Rick Altzi started to work on his first solo album under the
moniker of ALTZI. Rick Altzi also is writing and recording with the bands Masterplan, Gathering Of
Kings and Herman Frank.
In 2021, ALTZI has released a couple of successful singles and videos from the bran new album “All
Eyes On Me” in advance. The full album, which will be available on CD and digitally from March 25th
2022, now contains 10 more new songs.
Rick Altzi recorded all vocals in Outhouse Studios on the west coast of Sweden, Drums were recorded
at Parental Studios in Cologne. The album is mixed by Victor Ohlsson in his studio located in
Gothenburg and produced by Rick Altzi and Ulrick Lönnqvist. Thomas ”Plec” Johansson took care of
the mastering at The Panic Room.

1. Point Of No Return
2. Crash and Fall
3. Into The Fire
4. Run to you
5. Legacy,
6. You Don’t Believe In Love
7. Strangers in the Real World
8. Desire
9. Hurting Kind
10. Motherless Child
11. Wind & The Rain
12. Tossin’ and Turnin´
13. Final Warning
14. . Where Dreams never Die

Rick Altzi – Lead and backing vocals, Pete Alpenborg – Guitars, Keyboards
Nalle Påhlsson – Bass guitar, Kevin Kott – Drums
Ulrick Lönnqvist – Acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Victor Ohlsson – Additional guitars, backing vocals
Teresia Svensson – Backing vocals
Kimberly Kott – Backing vocals
Musicians on the song ”Into the Fire”
Rick Altzi – Vocals, Magnus Berglund – Guitars, Morgan Jensen Guitars, Ken Sandin – Bass guitar,
Kevin Kott – Drums

Guest solo guitarists: Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Cher), Matthias IA Eklund (Freak kitchen), Per
Nilsson (Meshuggah), Olaf Lenk (AtVance), Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia), Morgan Jensen (Swedish
Erotica), Victor Ohlsson (Gathering of Kings, Saffire), Magnus Karlsson (Freefall), Andy LaRocque
(King Diamond), Magnus Berglund (Arctic Rain), Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv), Eric Rauti (Dreamland)



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