Cats In Space släpper nya singeln ”Poke The Witch” i april

Den 15:e april dyker Cats In Space upp med singeln ”Poke The Witch”, som är första smakprovet från nya plattan ”Kickstart The Sun”, som kommer ges ut någon gång i sommar. Så här går att läsa på bandets facebook-sida:

Yes, we are super excited to announce that our new single ‘POKE THE WITCH’ is coming to you this April 15th.Despite its crazy title, ‘POKE THE WITCH’ is an uplifting song that reflects on events over the past two years, and also sees the band in ‘classic CAT form’ with their trademark sound firmly in place.
A video will accompany the release, which is the first from the band’s new epic, deluxe double album ‘KICKSTART THE SUN’ and is set to be released in the Summer.The single will be available in 7” RED MARBLE VINYL and all pre-orders come with a FREE promotional CD single.

*** PRE-ORDERS – 14th MARCH 9.00am GMT over on the WebStore ***


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