Tony Mitchell släpper nytt album i höst

Någon gång i höst väntas sångaren Tony Mitchell (Kiss Of The Gypsy) släppa sitt fjärde soloalbum via bolaget MelodicRock Records. Så här går att läsa på Tony´s facebook-sida:

I am excited to announce the plans for 2022. I have a brand new 4th solo album release for Summer/Autumn with my good friends from Australia … MR records. The album, although in it’s early stages is sounding awesome & really excited about the tracks so far. This release will also include bonus tracks or a bonus album of the re-worked songs that I was writing in 1992 for the follow up KOTG album that never was. It will be released on CD & vinyl too. I am also looking at playing some live shows later in the year, playing songs from ”Beggars Gold, Church of a Restless Soul, Hot Endless Summer Nights, Dirty White Boys & more … keep the rock flag flying … T\m/ 


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