AOR-projektet Squared släpper debutalbum i maj

Fredagen den 13:e maj släpper det svensk/franska AOR-projektet Squared debutalbumet “Strange Affairs” via sitt egna bolag. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Founded in 2019 by French guitarist Arthur Vere & Swedish singer Jack L. Stroem, SQUARED instantly became something very dear & special for the duo, taking inspiration from the late 80’s AoR scene mixed with their own musical backgrounds.
After the first songwriting session for “Strange Affairs” the plan was made & everything was going as scheduled… Then 2020 came and we all know what happened.
The plan was reworked, more songs were written and “Strange Affairs” was recorded remotely from Sweden & France respectively by Jack & Arthur sending files across the world wide web to each other. 
It was also during this time that SQUARED decided to hire the renowned session musicians and longtime friends of Jack; Robin Risander on Drums & Kammo Olayvar on Bass
“Strange Affairs” has an authentic sound because it was recorded with vintage instruments together with live drums & completely without any autotune on the vocals. For 1989 this would be the way every album had to be recorded, but it is almost unheard of in today’s music scene.
Without plans of stopping SQUARED intends to surf on the 80’s nostalgia wave while writing music that could have been released back then.. But wasn’t.


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