Royal Hunt på gång att släppa albumet ”Dystopia – part 2”

Royal Hunt är på gång att släppa en uppföljare till 2020 års album ”Dystopia”. Så här går bland anant att läsa på bandets hemsida:

Dear friends,

You´ve been warned repeatedly, so there´re absolutely no excuses left to “not-to-know”: pre-ordering campaign for our long awaited “Dystopia – Part 2” album is finally on!

Thinking back to the release date of the “Part 1” back in 2020 makes you realize what a crazy time we all went through just during the last two years: who could have imagined that our “Dystopia” – project would reflect the harsh reality in such detail? And the madness is still ongoing.

In any case, “Dystopia – Part 2” is even more relevant today than ever: we followed the general concept yet filled it up with images of current events in order to make it resonate with every person, everybody living through 2020 to 2022 and watching insanity to unfold in real time.

André: Believe me, the band and it`s respected guests put everything on the line on this record, the amount of hours we all invested in planning and executing this piece is simply mind blowing. Actually, as I´m writing this note, the process is still ongoing: there´re still plenty of tracks to sort out, plenty of new ones to record and hundreds of decisions to make but – already at this stage – it´s hard to ignore the sheer energy/power impact encapsulated in this piece of work.


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