Tygers Of Pan Tang släpper samlingsbox i juni

Den 24:e juni släpper klassiska Tygers Of Pan Tang boxen ”The Wreck-Age/Burning In the Shade 1985-1987 (Expanded Editions)”, som kommer att bestå av följande material:


The Wreck-Age (1985)
1 Waiting
2 Protection
3 Innocent Eyes
4 Desert Of No Love
5 The Wreck-Age
6 Women In Cages
7 Victim
8 Ready To Run
9 All Change Faces
10 Forgive And Forget


Burning In the Shade (1987)
1 The First (The Only One)
2 Hit It
3 Dream Ticket
4 Sweet Lies
5 Maria
6 Hideaway
7 Open To Seduction
8 The Circle Of The Dance
9 Are You There
10 The Memory Fades


The Wreck-Age Demos
1 Forgive And Forget
2 Not Guilty
3 Undercurrent
4 The Wreck-Age
5 You’re On Your Own
6 Time To Regret
7 Slow Recovery
8 The Face Of Innocence
9 Shadow Of The Past
10 Waiting
Burning In the Shade Demos
11 Are You There?
12 The Circle Of The Dance
13 Don’t Think I Could Leave
14 Hideaway
15 Hit It
16 Never Say Never
17 The Memory Fades

För ytterligare information: www.cherryred.co.uk


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