Samlingsboxen ”Waysted: Heroes Die Young – Waysted Volume 2 (2000-2007)” släpps i juli

Den 29:e juli släpps samlingen ”Waysted: Heroes Die Young – Waysted Volume 2 (2000-2007)” via bolaget Cherry Red Records. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

During a whirlwind couple of years, bassist Pete Way quit UFO following the 1982 ‘Mechanix’ tour, before planning a band with Motörhead’s ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke as Fastway, before finally assembling Waysted in 1983. Teaming up with singer Fin Muir, Waysted was completed by Ronnie Kayfield on lead guitar, Frank Noon on drums and Pete’s former UFO band-mate, Paul Raymond, on rhythm guitar and keyboards. Waysted’s well received debut for Chrysalis, the self- explanatory ‘Vices’ was followed by a mini-album, plus two further studio albums, until Waysted called it a day following the tour to support 1986’s ‘Save Your Prayers’.

Sparked by rekindled interest in the band following the release of ‘Wilderness Of Mirrors’, an album of demos for their ‘Save Your Prayers’ album from 1986, original member Pete Way (UFO, MSG, etc) joined forces with original Waysted singer Fin for 2004’s ‘Back From The Dead’ in a new line up of the band featuring Chris George on guitar with Paul Haslin and Scott Phillips both on drums.

Heading out on the road, Waysted took the opportunity to bootleg themselves with ‘Boot From The Dead’, an official pirate recording of four songs captured during Waysted’s gig at London’s Mean Fiddler on 18th February 2005. Tracks five and six on CD3 in this set, ‘The Wild The Willing And The Innocent’ and ‘No Place To Run’, are taken from the Japanese edition of ‘Back From The Dead’, and are re-recordings of the UFO classics featuring Paul “Tonka” Chapman on guitar.

Mixed and mastered by Robin George, ‘Organized Chaos…Live’ was recorded live at The Barfly in Glasgow on 21st September 2005. Kicking off with ‘Toy With The Passion’, Waysted run through a set featuring new tracks, such as ‘The Alternativa’ and ‘Must B More 2 It Than This’ from ‘Back From The Dead’, as well as ‘Love Loaded’ and ‘Night Of The Wolf’ from their debut.

Produced by Fred Purser (Tygers Of Pan Tang, Penetration), 2007’s ‘The Harsh Reality’ includes a cover of ‘Handbags And Gladrags’, a song that Waysted’s Fin had sung for the opening theme of the Ricky Gervais TV series, The Office. Again, with drummer Paul Haslin and guitarist Chris George on guitar. According to Fin’s liner notes, this album, “Has been the most pleasing, refreshing and creative piece of work we have ever done… This is THE definitive Waysted line up. So there.”

Track Listing:


Wilderness Of Mirrors
1 Walls Fall Down
2 Fire Under The Wheels
3 Heroes Die Young
4 Singing To The Night
5 Out Of Control
6 Wild Night
7 Terror City
8 Black And Blue
9 Fortunate Son
10 So Long


Back From The Dead
1 The Alternativa
2 Garden Of Eden
3 Dreams
4 Must B More 2 It Than This
5 The Price Of Love
6 Breakfast Show
7 I’m Gonna Love Ya
8 Lost In Cleveland


Boot From The Dead
1 Toy With The Passion
2 Love Loaded
3 Night Of The Wolf
4 Garden Of Eden
5 The Wild The Willing And The Innocent
6 No Place To Run


Organized Chaos Live
1 Toy With The Passion
2 Won’t Get Out Alive
3 Hang ’Em High
4 The Alternativa
5 Dead On Your Legs
6 Heaven Tonight
7 Love Loaded
8 Must Be More 2 It Than This
9 Night Of The Wolf


1 Propaganda
2 Samaritan Man
3 Rockin’ The Cliché
4 Keepin’ It Sweet
5 Long Time Dead
6 Out Of Control
7 It Wasn’t Me
8 Song For Steve
9 The Harsh Reality
10 Handbags And Gladrags
11 Can’t Live Without Some Pain


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