Pearls & Flames släpper sitt debutalbum i oktober

Fredagen den 7:e oktober släpper det melodiösa rockbandet Pearls & Flames debutalbumet ”Reliance” via bolaget Pride & Joy Music. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Pearls & Flames consists of a couple of friends from Sundsvall and Söderhamn who have been active in the Melodic Rock scene since decades. Markus Nordenberg is the main-man and driving force behind this AOR and Westcoast project. He has been the lead singer in an early version of Swedish hard rock masters Lion´s Share and continued as the lead singer and one of the songwriters in Big Price before moving on as one of the members of Coastland Ride that have released three much appreciated albums in the vein of AOR and Westcoast.

Nordenberg is joined by guitarist Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Coastland Ride, Groundbreaker, Fergie Frederiksen and many more) who also has two solo albums under his belt where he was the main songwriter delivering songs in an exciting blend of AOR, Westcoast and Fusion. Tomas Coox, who is a much-appreciated session keyboardist playing live with among others Coastland Ride live bands and Roulette SWE, completes the line-up.

“Reliance” is the debut album of Pearls & Flames, and the album title is a reminder of that all the things in the world is linked together. It´s all about different kind of relations and that we all need each other in different ways.


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