Masaki släpper debutalbum via bolaget Lions Pride Music

Det norska AOR bandet Masaki har skrivit på för bolaget Lions Pride Music inför släppet av deras debutalbum. Plattan släpps i juli 2023. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

We are more than proud to announce the signing of the Norwegian (🇳🇴) A.O.R. trio Masaki and the release of their debut album in 31 July 2023 with more details to follow soon!

Masaki is a brand new AoR band from Oslo founded by Tom Sennerud (Stoneflower, Days Of Wine), Eirik-André Rydningen (Nik Kershaw, Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin) and John Masaki (Stoneflower).

he purpose of the trio is to bring back the classic AoR sound and push it further with influences from modern pop music, fusion and prog rock (and of course to get rich and to get laid).

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