Sarayasign skriver på för bolaget Frontiers Records

Det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet Sarayasign har skrivit på för bolaget Frontiers Records. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the signing of Sweden’s Sarayasign to the label for a multi-album deal. Formed in late 2020, with their debut album “Throne Of Gold” released in May 2022, Sarayasign is a concept driven, cinematic, melodic hard rock band that aims for the same experience often felt through films, for they believe that music can propel a narrative and take the listener into unexplored dreamlike and emotional territory. Through the lens and the voice of the storyteller depicted in their lyrics and the atmospheric music and soundscapes of their world called Saraya, created by band member Jesper Lindbergh, Sarayasign wants you to close your eyes and enjoy the journey they will take you on.

For a taste of this tantalizing new entity, please watch the two music videos below, both songs taken from their debut album “Throne Of Gold”.

“If Only For A Moment”

“When Worlds Collide”

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