Chris Lyne & Friends släpper välgörenhetslåt i november

Fredagen den 4:e november släpper projektet Chris Lyne & Friends välgörenhetslåten “The Weight” via bolaget Metalapolis Records. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

MOTHER ROAD mastermind and ex-SOUL DOCTOR guitarist Chris Lyne started a charity project for dogs in distress. His project is called CHRIS LYNE & FRIENDS and we all would be very happy if you support it and spread the word. But now we let Chris do the talking:
“It is not a secret that I am a big animal lover, especially dogs. I have had the idea of this project maybe one year ago. CHRIS LYNE & FRIENDS is a charity project that holds me dear to my heart! A charity project for dogs in distress! I wanted to record a song and donate all money earned!

For me there was only one song to choose, THE WEIGHT, a cover song by the Canadian-American group THE BAND, that was released in 1968. In my opinion it’s one of the best and timeless songs ever! So I started to ask friends to join me to record THE WEIGHT. And I must tell you, I’m so proud and happy, that I found so many great artists joining me and the project. They all are my friends and musicians I really value. They made this song to a monster and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my fellow musicians: On lead vocals Grant Stevens, Dorrey Lin Lyles, Rob Lamothe and Andrea Porten. Stef E and Gary Schmalzl added some great acoustic and electric guitar parts, Jens Skwirblies on Hammond Organ, Barry Sparks on bass plus Mike Esnil on drums. After all of these great recording sessions, it was a pleasure to mix this wonderful piece of music!
The release will be on November 4th, 2022 and the song will only be available in digital format. And I guarantee all income will be donated!”

Lead Vocals:
– Grant Stevens – Nervous Germans; singer, songwriter and solo artist
– Dorrey Lin Lyles – The Weather Girls, Harlem Gospel Singers and solo artist
– Rob Lamothe – Riverdogs, singer, songwriter and solo artist
– Andrea Porten – Singer, songwriter and solo artist

Hammond Organ:
– Jens Skwirblies – Lake, Barclay James Harvest and Magic Of Santana
– Barry Sparks – MSG, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ted Nugent, Dokken and Mother Road
– Gary Schmalzl – Bela B., Jingo De Lunch and Nervous Germans
– Stef E. – The Unity and Sascha Grammel
– Mike Esnil – Studio recording artist

Guitars, Piano and Vocals:
– Chris Lyne – Mother Road and Soul Doctor
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