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One Desire släpper albumet ”Live with The Shadow Orchestra” i april 2023

I april dyker det melodiösa rockbandet One Desire upp med en lite speciell liveplatta/dvd där de framför sina låtar tillsammans med en symfoniorkester. Albumet som fått namnet ”One Desire – Live With The Shadow Orchestra” spelades in på Kvarkenfest i Vasa sommaren 2022. Ytterligare information väntas inom kort.

Last Temptation återutger debutalbum i januari 2023

Den 27:e januari 2023 återutger det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet Last Temptation albumet ”Love Wins” via bolaget MelodicRock Classics. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

MelodicRock Classics is excited to kick off 2023 with a fresh take on a much sought-after release from classic hard rockers LAST TEMPTATION.

The 10 tracks that made up the band’s original self-titled independent 2009 release have been re-ordered into a sequence the band thinks work better, but not only that, three unreleased tracks from the same original sessions have been freshly re-recorded and added to the album to make the definitive perfect LAST TEMPTATION release.

The upgraded album gets a new title too. Love Wins, with all tracks – classic and new – remastered by sound wiz JK Northrup will be released by MRC January 27. Pre-orders will be available next week.

The band states: “After all these years the band is very excited to record and release 3 new songs along with the original 10 tracks from our last album that some fans were not able to purchase.

The new album titled ‘Love Wins’ will feature 13 tracks, newly packaged and ready for release soon. Arnie, Frank, Steve, Steve and Allan would like to say thanks to Andrew and the melodic rock community for this opportunity and we’re excited for the possibilities of 2023 and beyond.

See you soon!”


LAST TEMPTATION was started in the mid 80’s by guitarist/songwriter Arnie Miot and it wasn’t until almost 1990 that vocalist Frank Vestry teamed up with Arnie to create what would become the current version of the band. Bassist Steve Hervatic, drummer Steve Murphy and keyboardist Allan Gabay round out the group.

Arnie’s brilliant guitar work and Frank’s signature vocals along with top notch song writing are what made and still makes the band popular amongst melodic rock fans.

This New York/New Jersey based pro-level band is made up of members that have toured with national acts and played with some of the biggest artists in the industry.

Last Temptation had an amazing run, but never reached the level of stardom that they all wanted so badly. After all these years the band is thrilled to release “Love Wins” which includes 3 new tracks just recently recorded on Long Island and in Florida.

Track Listing:

01. Love Wins In The End (New)

02. Break It

03. Last Temptation

04. Emotions

05. You’ll Never Walk Alone (New)

06. Oh So Easy

07. Catch Me Now I’m Falling

08. Next To You

09. Without Love

10. You’re Trouble (New)

11. Sailing Away

12. Save Me

13. Queen Of Ice

Årets bästa låtar 2022 – enligt Jonas Carlson

DMB´s skribent Jonas Carlson presenterar här en lista över hans favoritlåtar 2022.

(utan inbördes ordning)

Signed in Blood – Nestor

Dont´t give up on us – Journey

Black Stars and Diamonds – The Night Flight Orchestra

Vagabond Rise – Gathering of Kings

Not the end of the road – Kissin´ Dynamite

Seventh Wonder – The Light

A king has gone – Michael Schenker Group

The Western sky – Thunder

Make it count – Ronnie Atkins

Freudian slip – TREAT

If love walks in – Perfect Plan

Those were the days – Grand

Holy water – Khalil Turk & Friends

Human Nature – Black Paisley

Nobody wants to die – Rival Sons

Coming home to you – Hartmann

Turn this car around – FM

Why are you calling me now? – Generation Radio

The river of silver and gold – Sweet Freedom

Saints and Sinners – House of Lords

Rock Believer – Scorpions

Superficial Society – Clouds of Clarity

No steppin´stones – Magnum

Let´s hear it for the king – Dan Reed Network

Evangeline – Autumn´s Child

Årets recensioner på DMB

Här kommer en sammaställning av samtliga recensioner som DMB har publicerat under 2022.

Clouds Of Clarity – ”Superficial Society”
Autumn´s Child – ”Starflower”
Barnabas Sky – ”What Comes To Light”
StreetLore – ”s/t”
Enemy Eyes – ”History´s Hand”
About Us – ”s/t”
Enuff Z´nuff – ”Finer Than Sin”
Black Paisley – ”Human Nature”
Chez Kane – ”Powerzone”
Perfect Plan – ”Brace For Impact”
Grand – ”s/t”
Wildness – ”Resurrection”
Killer Kings – ”Burn For Love”
Decoy – ”Without Warning”
Ginevra – ”We Belong To The Stars”
Hartmann – ”Get Over It”
House Of Lords – ”Saints And Sinners”
Joe Lynn Turner – ”Belly Of The Beast”
Fans Of The Dark – ”Suburbia”
Taboo – ”s/t”
Pearls And Flames – ”Reliance”
C.O.P. – ”Enemy”
Captain Black Beard – ”Neon Sunrise”
Restless Spirits – ”Second To None”
H.E.A.T. – ”Force Majeure”
Dynazty – ”Final Advent”
Generation Radio – ”s/t”
Intelligent Music Project – ”Unconditioned”
Palace – One 4 The Road”
Gathering Of Kings – ”Enigmatic”
Journey – ”Freedom”
Crossing Rubicon – ”Perfect Storm”
91 Suite – ”Back In The Game”
Chaos Magic – ”Emerge”
Seventh Wonder – ”The Testament”
Iconic – ”Second Skin”
Fallen Sanctuary – ”Terranova”
Dreamtide – ”Drama Dust Dream”
Captain Black Beard – ”Flamenco” (singel)
Skills – ”Different Worlds”
Jani Liimatainen – ”My Father´s Son”
Graham Bonnet Band – ”Day Out In Nowhere”
Jeff Scott Soto – ”Complicated”
Thunder – ”Dopamine”
Saffire – ”Taming The Hurricane”
Drive At Night – ”Echoes Of An Era”
Nestor – ”Signed In Blood” (singel)
Fortune – ”Level Ground”
First Signal – ”Closer To The Edge”
Black Swan – ”Generation Mind”
Treat – ”The Endgame”
Squared – ”Strange Affairs”
Dare – ”Road To Eden”
Black Paisley – ”Don´t Call Me A Liar” (singel)
Sign X – ”Back To Eden”
Caught In Action – ”Devil´s Tango”
Shewolf – ”s/t”
Ronnie Atkins – ”Make It Count”
FM – ”Thirteen”
New Horizon – ”Gate Of The Gods”
Sarayasign – ”Throne Of Gold”
Rust N Rage – ”One For The Road”
Find Me – ”Lightning In A Bottle”
Altzi – ”All Eyes On Me”
TEN – ”Here Be Monsters”
Zadra – ”Guiding Star”
Lionville – ”So Close To Heaven”
Degreed – ”Are You Ready”
City Of Lights – ”Before The Sun Set”
Mecca – ”20 Years”
Reckless Love – ”Turborider”
Kraemer – ”All The Way”
Kissin´Dynamite – ”Not The End Of The Road”
The Ferrymen – ”One More River To Cross”
DeVicious – ”Black Heart”
Giant – ”Shifting Time”
Nasson – ”Scars”
Out Of This World – ”s/t”
Tygers Of Pan Tang – ”A New Heartbeat” (EP)

Årets intervjuer på DMB

Här kommer en sammanställning av de intervjuer som har dykt upp på DMB under 2022.

Intervju med Pontus Åkesson (Autumn’s Child, Moon Safari)


Intervju med Caught In Action inför släppet av sitt debutalbum


Intervju med Jesper Lindbergh från Sarayasign


Intervju med Jakob Svensson från Grand och Wigelius


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