Stargazer släpper sitt nya album i mars 2023

Den 3:e mars 2023 släpper det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet Stargazer nya albumet ”Life Will Never Be The Same” via bolaget Mighty Music. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

After their previous release “The Sky is the Limit”, Norwegian band STARGAZER entered
the radar of connoisseurs of the hard rocking world. The group was loudly hailed as one
to watch. They received a lot of great reviews all over the western world and were, back
then in late 2019, ready to take on the world for serious touring. But serious touring saw
an abrupt end due to Covid-19 for almost every band in 2020-21, with Stargazer being no

The nordic five-piece didn’t loose their spirit and, diligently, took the downtime to start
penning their next album. Produced by guitar player William Ernstsen and vocalist Tore
André Helgemo, “Life Will Never Be The Same” is the result of those dark times with a
silver lining ahead. Engineered by William at Jedimasterstudios, Trondheim, and mixed
and mastered in Medley Studios, Copenhagen, by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes,
Electric Guitars, etc), “Life Will Never Be The Same” is exactly the kind of album that
you’d expect from a matured Stargazer and then some.

The five-piece powerhouse hammers on with Scandinavian vibes that consists of
virtuosity and a vintage sound with a modern twist. Firing on all cylinders in combination
with the sense of good melodies, great riffs, solos and songwriting handcraft. With one
of rock’s best voices and one of the best blues-based hard rock guitar players around
today. All this on top of a rock steady hard groove with killer rock songs such as “Live My
Dream”, or down to the most tender and heartfelt tunes, as for example the single “Live
Today”, with emotions worn on their sleeves.

“Live Will Never Be The Same” is the sound of Norwegian classic hard rock flagship, and
Stargazer sets sail again with its this third release in their discography. One to change
their life – and yours – for good.


1. Can You Conceive It
2. Live My Dream
3. Rock The Sky
4. Live Today
5. Don’t Kill
6. Will I Come To Heaven
7. Heartbroken
8. Turn Off The Light
9. Beyond The Moon
10. Take Me Home
11. Push Me


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