Årets recensioner på DMB

Här kommer en sammaställning av samtliga recensioner som DMB har publicerat under 2022.

Clouds Of Clarity – ”Superficial Society”
Autumn´s Child – “Starflower”
Barnabas Sky – “What Comes To Light”
StreetLore – “s/t”
Enemy Eyes – “History´s Hand”
About Us – “s/t”
Enuff Z´nuff – “Finer Than Sin”
Black Paisley – “Human Nature”
Chez Kane – “Powerzone”
Perfect Plan – “Brace For Impact”
Grand – “s/t”
Wildness – “Resurrection”
Killer Kings – “Burn For Love”
Decoy – “Without Warning”
Ginevra – “We Belong To The Stars”
Hartmann – “Get Over It”
House Of Lords – “Saints And Sinners”
Joe Lynn Turner – “Belly Of The Beast”
Fans Of The Dark – “Suburbia”
Taboo – “s/t”
Pearls And Flames – “Reliance”
C.O.P. – “Enemy”
Captain Black Beard – “Neon Sunrise”
Restless Spirits – “Second To None”
H.E.A.T. – “Force Majeure”
Dynazty – “Final Advent”
Generation Radio – “s/t”
Intelligent Music Project – “Unconditioned”
Palace – One 4 The Road”
Gathering Of Kings – “Enigmatic”
Journey – “Freedom”
Crossing Rubicon – “Perfect Storm”
91 Suite – “Back In The Game”
Chaos Magic – “Emerge”
Seventh Wonder – “The Testament”
Iconic – “Second Skin”
Fallen Sanctuary – “Terranova”
Dreamtide – “Drama Dust Dream”
Captain Black Beard – “Flamenco” (singel)
Skills – “Different Worlds”
Jani Liimatainen – “My Father´s Son”
Graham Bonnet Band – “Day Out In Nowhere”
Jeff Scott Soto – ”Complicated”
Thunder – “Dopamine”
Saffire – “Taming The Hurricane”
Drive At Night – “Echoes Of An Era”
Nestor – “Signed In Blood” (singel)
Fortune – “Level Ground”
First Signal – “Closer To The Edge”
Black Swan – “Generation Mind”
Treat – “The Endgame”
Squared – ”Strange Affairs”
Dare – “Road To Eden”
Black Paisley – “Don´t Call Me A Liar” (singel)
Sign X – “Back To Eden”
Caught In Action – “Devil´s Tango”
Shewolf – “s/t”
Ronnie Atkins – “Make It Count”
FM – “Thirteen”
New Horizon – “Gate Of The Gods”
Sarayasign – “Throne Of Gold”
Rust N Rage – “One For The Road”
Find Me – “Lightning In A Bottle”
Altzi – “All Eyes On Me”
TEN – “Here Be Monsters”
Zadra – “Guiding Star”
Lionville – “So Close To Heaven”
Degreed – “Are You Ready”
City Of Lights – “Before The Sun Set”
Mecca – “20 Years”
Reckless Love – “Turborider”
Kraemer – “All The Way”
Kissin´Dynamite – “Not The End Of The Road”
The Ferrymen – “One More River To Cross”
DeVicious – “Black Heart”
Giant – “Shifting Time”
Nasson – “Scars”
Out Of This World – “s/t”
Tygers Of Pan Tang – “A New Heartbeat” (EP)

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