Årets bästa låtar 2022 – enligt Jonas Carlson

DMB´s skribent Jonas Carlson presenterar här en lista över hans favoritlåtar 2022.

(utan inbördes ordning)

Signed in Blood – Nestor

Dont´t give up on us – Journey

Black Stars and Diamonds – The Night Flight Orchestra

Vagabond Rise – Gathering of Kings

Not the end of the road – Kissin´ Dynamite

Seventh Wonder – The Light

A king has gone – Michael Schenker Group

The Western sky – Thunder

Make it count – Ronnie Atkins

Freudian slip – TREAT

If love walks in – Perfect Plan

Those were the days – Grand

Holy water – Khalil Turk & Friends

Human Nature – Black Paisley

Nobody wants to die – Rival Sons

Coming home to you – Hartmann

Turn this car around – FM

Why are you calling me now? – Generation Radio

The river of silver and gold – Sweet Freedom

Saints and Sinners – House of Lords

Rock Believer – Scorpions

Superficial Society – Clouds of Clarity

No steppin´stones – Magnum

Let´s hear it for the king – Dan Reed Network

Evangeline – Autumn´s Child


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