Sergeant Steel släpper nytt album via bolaget Metalapolis Records

Det melodiösa rockbandet Sergeant Steel har skrivit på för bolaget Metalapolis Records inför sitt nya album, som släpps senare detta år. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

we are more than proud to announce that we will release the upcoming SERGEANT STEEL album. The follow-up to their hit album TRUCK TALES will see the light of day later this year!

Austria‘s Hard Rock band #1 has released four studio albums and a best of compilation yet. In the studio the band worked together with musical legends like Michael Wagener, Beau Hill, Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, Mark Slaughter and Kane Roberts. Live-wise they played several top-notch open air festival and club shows throughout Austria, Germany and Czech Republic. They shared the stage with Deep Purple, Hollywood Vampires, The Darkness, Scorpions, Europe, The Sweet, to name a few!

On their fifth studio album you can once again expect a hit firework, spiced up with the band‘s very own sense of humor.

Phil Vanderkill: Lead vocals
Jack Power: Guitars, vocals
Chuck Boom: Guitars, vocals
Ben Bateman: Keyboards
Ronny Roxx: Bass
Cøsy Cøxx: Drums

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