Hotwire släpper samlingsplatta i april

Den 28:e april släpper det melodiösa rockbandet Hotwire samlingsalbumet “The Story So Far 1993-2023” via bolaget Yellow Muffin Records. Plattan kommer bland annat innehålla den helt nya låten “Slam”. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

17 years ago, the melodic rockers HOTWIRE, who were quite an institution in the local scene in the 90s, parted ways. HOTWIRE was founded in 1993 and they quickly gained a solid fan base in Melodic Rock circles, also through numerous shows with bands such as BONFIRE, JADED HEART or CRYSTAL BALL. In 2001 they were even on a big European tour with SHAKRA and DOMAIN. Later they went on tour with PRETTY MAIDS. In 1995, BONFIRE members Claus Lessmann and Hans Ziller took HOTWIRE under their wing and produced their self-titled debut album. The album ‘Face Another Day’ followed three years later. 

During the recordings for the EP ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ in 2001, the band parted ways with original singer Michael Werner and Andy Urbeck taking over the microphone. In 2006 followed the last HOTWIRE album ‘Devil In Disguise’ produced by ex-BONFIRE Chris Lausmann. Shortly thereafter they separated. 

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the band in 2013, there was a first small live reunion with the almost original line-up. Now in 2023, the original members Michael Werner (vocals) and Tom Glas (drums) want to do it all over again. For the comeback they are presenting a best of album with a new song (Slam!) and two newly recorded fan and band faves. The other twelve classic songs have been remastered. If you haven’t known HOTWIRE yet, you can now do so!!!

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