Strangeland släpper nytt album i juni

Den 30:e juni släpper projektbandet Strangeland albumet “Echoes From The Past” via bolaget Lions Pride Music och här nedan kan man lyssna på smakprov.

Strangerland is:
David Cagle: Lead & Backing Vocals
Mike Wikman: Drums
Chris Zoukas: Bass
Alex Patman: Guitars & Keyboards

Strangerland is a melodic rock project created by Alex Patman from Athens ,Greece. Started several years ago ,as a home studio project, ‘stacking’ demo songs with Greek or English lyrics. The original name of the project was ‘Stranger’, but after finding that many bands had the same name, ‘land ‘ was added, inspired from the name of the old Greek band, ‘Wasteland ‘. In any case, names are not important. It is just a label. During the last years, singer David Cagle ‘got on the vehicle’, by adding his voice and harmonies to complete the final result and then the idea of an album not to miss was born. Mike Wikman and Chris Zoukas also added their skillful playing the drums and bass respectivly.

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