Lyssna på Emotional Fire´s debut-EP

Det nya svenska projektbandet Emotional Fire har precis släppt EP:n ”Will You Be There”, som finns att lyssna på här nedan.

Så här går att läsa på bandets facebook-sida:

Emotional Fire have released the EP ”Will You Be There” via RN Records.

The EP contains four songs. The title track ”Will You Be There”, written by Ulrick Lönnqvist, Pete Alpenborg and Rick Altzi plus three covers. The cover songs are ”Breaking Me Up” by Bucks Fizz, ”Your Time Is Gonna Come” by Russ Ballard and ”Emotional Fire” by Cher.

The EP is mixed and mastered by multi-platinum and Grammy-winning producer Thomas ”Plec” Johansson.

Produced by: Linnea Waljestål.

Executive producers: Ron Dahlgren and Nina Dahlgren.

Emotional Fire:

Therés Enström (Lead Vocals),

Mia Moilanen (Guitar & Backing Vocals)

Ellinor Asp (Bass & Backing Vocals)

Linnea Waljestål (Drums & Backing Vocals)

Annika Argerich (Keyboards)

Emotional Fire makes its live debut at Rocknytt Cruise (Russ Ballard, Dare, Demon, Grand Slam, Gathering Of Kings, among others) on April 21-22.


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