West Alley släpper debutalbum i augusti – första smakprovet presenteras inom kort

Den 25:e augusti släpper det svenska AOR bandet West Alley debutalbmet “A Night To Remember” via bolaget Pride & Joy Music. Första smakprovet från den kommande plattan presenteras nu på fredag (16/6) i form av singeln “Fortune & Fame”. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

WEST ALLEY is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden that has its roots already in the late 80’s. At the time they got inspired by several groups which were playing the AOR sound – like Journey, Toto, Kiss, and stayed together for a few years. They consist of Magnus Björkroth (lead vocals, keyboards), Jack Nielsen (bass, background vocals), Niclas Lundström (guitars, background vocals) and Jonas Michaneck (drums). During the 80’s, the Swedish group wrote a lot of songs which they never forgot and when they met again four years ago, they started talking about giving them another chance by finally recording and releasing them. WEST ALLEY signed a record deal with Germany based label Pride & Joy Music in early 2023 who will release the debut album “What A Night To Remember” on August 22nd, 2023! “What A Night To Remember” was recorded at Valvet Studios, produced by Magnus Björkroth and mastered by Joakim Styren (Panoramamusic). The artwork was designed by Jonas Michaneck.


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