Frozen Rain släpper nytt album i oktober

Den 30:e oktober släpper det belgiska AOR bandet Frozen Rain nya albumet “One Mile From Heartsville” via bolaget Lions Pride Music. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

We are very proud to announce the signing of #Belgium ‘s best A.O.R. bands Frozen Rain and the release of their upcoming third opus “One Mile From Heartsville” to be released worldwide on CD & Digitally on 30 October 2023!

Frozen Rain started as a project of the Belgian songwriter Kurt Vereecke. On the first album Kurt had the chance to work with some of his personal idols like Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Steve Newman (Newman) and Daniel Flores (The Murder Of My Sweet). The album was released in 2008 and was well received all over the world.

In 2012 the second album ‘Ahead of time’ was released. In the meantime Frozen Rain had become a real ‘international’ band. Vocalist on the second album was Carsten Lizard Schultz who’s well known for his work with Domain and many other bands. The album was released with some bonus tracks in Japan.

And now there is finally the third album ‘One Mile From Heartsville’ filled with beautiful, catchy melodies and sing-along choruses in the purest AOR tradition. This album showcases the talents of new guitar player Jens Ambrosch and vocalist Lars Edvall. In addition to being a singer, Lars is also a talented songwriter. Under the name “Beatlife” he has delivered songs and productions to Swedish artists as well as to artists all over the world.

This time the band had the chance to work with Roy Nichol, drummer of April Wine, a Canadian band you may know from several hits like ‘Just Between You And Me’, ‘I like To Rock’ or ‘Roller’ for example. Among the other guests on the album there are Fran Alonso, guitarist of the Spanish AOR band Hackers and guitar player Roger Ljunggren (T’Bell, Niva).

Frozen Rain is:
Lars Edvall: Lead & Backing Vocals
Jens Ambrosch: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Jurgen Vitrier: Keys, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kurt Vereecke: Keys, Bass, Clean Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hans Vereecke: Drums

Guest musicians:
Drums: Roy Nichol & Daniel Trobell
Guitars: Fran Alonso, Roger Ljunggren, Morris Adriaens, Mats Nermark
Bass: Don Lecompte & Glenn Vandorpe
Backing Vocals: Josefine Wassler & Joke Vereecke

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