Bolaget Pride & Joy Music återutger album med Deacon Street Project och Rainmaker

Bolaget Pride & Joy Music meddelar att man nu återutger två “klassiska” album med AOR-projekten Deacon Street Project och Rainmaker. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Germany based label PRIDE & JOY MUSIC kicks off its new “Pride & Joy Music Classixx” releases today with the release of Vol.1 and Vol.2!

All releases from this series will be limited – Vol 1. & 2 with 500 CD copies each – and be exclusively available through the label’s online store ( which sucessfully has merged with the service of AOR Heaven’s store in December last year and now permanently offers 200+ AOR/ Melodic Rock & Hard Rock CD highlights and exclusive imports!

Vol 1: Deacon Street Project – One + Two (2-CD), re-mastered by Tommy Denander (Radioactive), new artwork, 2 bonus tracks
Vol 2: Rainmaker – Rainmaker (CD), re-mastered by Tommy Denander, new artwork

Vol. 3, 4 & 5 are already in the making and will be released until the end of this year!

The self-titled album of the Swedish Melodic Rock formation RAINMAKER was originally released in the year 2000 on an English genre label. Long out of print, Pride & Joy Music is now re-releasing this strong work of the formation around mastermind and guitarist Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Sayit, Alice Cooper, Deacon Street Project and many more) and singer Geir Rönning (Sayit) with new artwork and remastered by Tommy Denander as part of its new series “Pride & Joy Music Classixx”. The line-up of RAINMAKER was completed by bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder and many more) and Walter Diego on drums. Unfortunately, “Rainmaker” remained at that time with one album of this talented formation.

The CD is exclusively available directly through Pride & Joy Music and is limited to 500 copies.

DEACON STREET PROJECT was an AOR focused project led by Swedish musician, song-writer and producer Tommy Denander. The project has released 2 genre classics during the 00’s, i.e. „Deacon Street Project“ (AOR Heaven, 2004) and „Deacon Street II“ (MTM Music, 2006).
Both albums today are sought after, hard to get releases which now are re-issued as double CD set via Pride & Joy Music under the name of „Deacon Street – One + Two“. Both albums were remastered by Tommy Denander, cover and artwork were newly created and both releases include 1 bonus track each!
This re-issue is limited on 500 copies only and will be available exclusively via Pride & Joy Music directly via while stock will last!
Deacon Street „One + Two“ is Vol.1 in the new Pride & Joy Music Classixx series.

Tracklist: 1. Radio 2. Changes 3. Caught Up In A Fear Of Loving 4. I Can’t Go Back 5. Lost In The Moment 6. Before I Loved Just You 7. Living A Lie 8. Love Got A Hold On Me 9. Find Me A Meaning 10. I Don’t Mind 11. Someday I’ll Offer You Surrender 12. Mad About You, 13. Love Is Killing Me (Bonus Track)
Line-up: Jan Johansen (v) Geir Rönning (v) Magnus Weinemo (v) Chris Demming (v) Jamie Meyer (v) Tommy Denander (g, b, k) Jeff Northrup (g) Bruce Gaitsch (g) Sayit (g) Lars Chriss (g) Marcel Jacob (b) Marcus Liliequist (d) Pat Thern (d)
Produced by: Tommy Denander & Chris Demming

Track listing: 1. Beautiful Chardaine 2. Leann 3. When Love Is On The Line 4. Save Me 5. I Give This Promise 6. Now We Cry For You 7. Second Comings 8. (Kill Us) On Another Day 9. The Promise Of Forever 10. Misery 11. Action 12. Easy As It Seems 13. Them Changes 14. Jason, 15. How Do I (Bonus Track)Line-up: Peter Sundell (v) Thomas Vikström (v) Johan Fahlberg (v) Andreas Novak (v) Chris Antblad (v) Stan Bush (v) Geir Rönning (v) Tommy Denander (g) Reb Beach (g) Jeff Watson (g) Marty Friedman (g) Steve Morse (g) Christopher Cross (g) Bobby Messano (g) Bill Leverty (g) Bruce Gaitsch (g) Al V. Dohn (b) Tony Franklin (b) Pat Thern (d) Vinny Heter (d) Daniel Flores (d) Walter Diego (d)
Produced by: Tommy Denander

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