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Omröstning: Årets hittills bästa album

Så här när nästan halva 2022 har gått så vill DMB ta reda på vilka som gjort årets hittills bästa album. Ta nu chansen att vara med i omröstning som håller på fram till söndagen den 26:e juni. Resultatet kommer att presenteras dagen efter (27/6)

Album att se fram emot 2022

Här är några av de album som kommer att släppas under 2022.

At The Movies – ”The soundtrack of your life – Vol. 2”

Magnum – ”The Monster Roar”
Out Of This World – ”s/t”
Autumn´s Child – ”Zenith”

Giant – ”Shifting Time”
Edge Of Forever – ”Seminole”
Bite The Bullet – ”End Of The Line”
Kissin’ Dynamite – ”Not The End Of The Road”
The Ferryman – ”One More River To Cross”

Praying Mantis – ”Katharsis”
Kraemer – ”All The Way”
Lana Lane – ”Neptune Blue”
Crystal Ball – ”Crysteria”

Lionville – ”So Close To Heaven”
Degreed – ”Are You Ready?”
City Of Lights – ”Before The Sun Sets”
Girish & The Chronicle  – ”Hail To The Heroes”

TEN – ”Here Be Monsters”
Mecca – ”20 Years”
Zadra – ”Guiding Star”
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – ”Miles From Nowhere” 

Lonerider – ”Sundown”
Space Elevator – ”Persona Non Grata”
Reckless Love – ”Turborider”

Dan Reed Network – ”Let’s Hear It For The King”

New Horizon – ”Gate Of The Gods”
House Of Shakira – ”Lint XXV”
John Elefante: ”The Amazing Grace”

Ronnie Atkins – ”Make It Count”
FM – ”Thirteen”
Shining Black – ”‘Postcards From The End Of The World”

Treat – ”The Endgame”
Fortune – ”Level Ground”
First Signal – ”Closer To The Edge”
Inglorious – ”MMXXI – Live At the Phoenix”

DeVicious – ”Black Heart”

Radiant – ”Written By Life”
NIVA – ”Stratospheric”
ModX – ”Pieces Of Me”
Shining Line – ”Shine On Me”
Gathering Of Kings
Mad Max
State Of Salazar
Art Of Illusion
The Defiants
Chez Kane

Gathering Of Kings släpper sin nya singel i januari

Den 2:e januari släpper Gathering Of Kings nya singeln ”Vagabond Rise” och så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Gathering Of Kings will release a new song, “Vagabond Rise”, on Sunday, January 2. The track is the first single from the band’s upcoming yet untitled 3rd studio album, set for release in may 2022 via RN Records.

“Vagabond Rise” was produced by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at The Panic Room in Skövde with Ron Dahlgren, Nina Dahlgren & Victor Olsson as executive producers.

The track was written by Victor Olsson and the lyrics were written by Victor and Alexander Frisborg. Drums were recorded at Nordic Sound Lab by Mikko Viitala and Victor Olsson.
The cover artwork for the single was created by Markus Vesper Art.

Guitarist and songwriter Victor Olsson commented on the new single:
“The song itself is a story of empowerment, domestic abuse and taking matters into your own hands, despite leaving yourself vulnerable and homeless. A story that came to me after watching the NETFLIX show “Maid”, I felt very strongly about the subject and wanted to put it in an empowering 80s rock costume! Hopefully you’ll all sense the vibe and feel what we feel.”

Line-Up on “Vagabond Rise”:

Jonny Lindkvist – Lead Vocals
Victor Olsson – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Magnus Mild – Rhythm Guitar
Mikael Planefeldt – Bass
Joel Selsfors – Keyboards
Jonas Källsbäck – Drums
Rick Altzi – Backing Vocals
Alexander Frisborg – Backing Vocals

Special Appearance:
Theresia Svensson – Backing Vocals

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